Next Steps After an Auto Accident

Man Sitting at scene of accidentWhat You Need to Know About Auto Accident Investigations in Florida

There Will Be a Car Accident Investigation:

The at-fault party’s insurance company will immediately launch an investigation into the auto accident in an attempt to reduce the amount they may have to pay out. This includes taking statements from the parties and witnesses, as well as a collection of physical evidence, such as photographs and even the damaged vehicles. While the insurance company attempts to avoid liability, most auto accident victims are dealing with the personal and financial effects of the trauma. This is one reason it’s important to have a specialist on your side. Don’t let the insurance company have an advantage over you by unnecessary delay.

Tell Your Doctors About Prior Complaints:

The auto accident case value is determined based on the evidence. Evidence comes from many places, including your doctors. Most people who require treatment will get better; however, some auto accidents require lifelong care. After an auto accident, it is important to document what future needs may be necessary. This evidence comes from your doctors who treat your auto accident conditions. It is important that you tell your doctors about any similar complaints you may have had in the past. The doctors need to be able to give opinions about what injuries are new and what prior injuries may have been exacerbated. Failure to provide your doctors with accurate information may damage your credibility and undermine your doctors’ opinions.

Be Sure to Follow Your Doctors’ Advice:

Most people don’t want to spend their day going to doctors’ appointments due to their auto accident. However, following an auto accident, it is important to follow the advice of your doctors to give yourself the best chance to get better. Seek treatment as soon as possible after an injury and try and avoid missing appointments with your healthcare professionals.

Some Auto Accident Legal Terms You May Hear:

Maximum Medical Improvement occurs when an injured patient reaches a state where his or her condition cannot be improved any further or when a treatment plateau in a person’s healing process is achieved. It can mean that the patient has fully recovered from the injury or that the patient’s medical condition has stabilized to the point that no significant medical or emotional change can be expected in the condition. It does not necessarily mean the patient will not need future care. Sometimes future care is designed to help with functionality or pain levels and will not cure the condition. This is called palliative care.

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialized health care for people with severe conditions. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptom or pain. The goal of such therapy is to improve the quality of life for the patient

Threshold Injury, in Florida, to claim damages for pain and suffering, disability or physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience or loss of capacity for enjoyment of life in an automobile accident you must prove your injury is permanent.

Permanent Injury in Florida Must Consist Of:

  1. A significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function; or
  2. Significant and permanent scarring or disfigurement; or
  3. An injury that the evidence shows is permanent to a reasonable degree of medical probability.

The Best Next Step After an Auto Accident:

After getting the care you need, obtaining good advice and counsel is important for your future. Getting help quickly can make all the difference in your case. If you are in need of help, contact a specialist. Personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee. You have a right to choose your lawyer. If you hire a lawyer on contingency, you will likely pay the same percentage fee whether your lawyer is a first-year lawyer with little or no experience or a Board Certified Specialist by the Florida Bar. Choose a Board Certified Specialist, choose a lawyer who will fight for your rights. The initial consultation is free, there is no obligation to do anything further, and all information is kept strictly confidential.

At Dismuke Law, we are committed to providing the best legal representation to the injured and families of wrongful death victims. We represent auto accident victims throughout central Florida from Tampa to Orlando and Lakeland to Sebring.