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The Responsibility of the Trucking Company

Most motorists know the laws that they and commercial truck drivers must follow. There are also the added regulations that those in the trucking industry face. However, it’s also imperative to recognize the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure the truck driver and others on the road are safe.

If the trucking company fails to implement safety protocols for drivers or encourages them to violate regulations, they are negligent and may be subject to legal action.

Following Regulations

Trucking companies must ensure all employees, trucks, and equipment abide by federal regulations, including weight restrictions, Hours of Service, and more. The moment the trucking company violates a federal or state regulation, negligence occurs, and injuries can ensue.

Not only must companies abide by regulations on their own, but they also cannot encourage drivers to violate the Hours of Service. There are times when trucking companies want to beat deadlines, so they encourage drivers to work longer hours than they should. Drivers who work long hours suffer from fatigue and can crash as a result.

Maintaining the Fleet

In the event the trucking company owns the trucks within its fleet, the owner of the company must ensure adequate maintenance on all aspects of the truck. The trucking company must check the brakes, tires, engine, steering system, tow hitch, axles, and more.

If any part of the truck is worn, the company must replace or repair the problem before the driver leaves the warehouse to prevent an accident from occurring. When a lack of maintenance causes a serious crash involving the large commercial truck, the aftermath can be devastating, and it is the company that is responsible.

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